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Dr. Myatt's Cardiovascular Risk Checklist

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Fiber Lowers Stroke Risk

Yet another reason to love fiber. For every 7% increase in fiber intake, stroke risk decreases by 7%. That, plus the other 25 fiber benefits we’ve already written about. What’s not to love about fiber?

The antioxidant N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) has been found useful for certain aspects of autism, especially irritability.

In typical conventional research fashion, we’re told to “wait while more studies are conducted, even though NAC is safe and effective for many medical conditions.

Welcome to my Daily Health News Shorts

Each day, while many of you are still in bed, I am reviewing the latest medical news and research with my first few cups of coffee for the day. I have created this blog so that I’ll have a quick, easy way to share these important news tidbits with you. So, check back often as I do the hard work of sifting through the news, the hype, and the B.S. (that’s Big Science 😉 ) for you.