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Natural Support Strategies For This Debilitating Condition

There are many causes of chronic fatigue. Low thyroid function, low adrenal gland function, anemia, diabetes, food allergies, chronic candida infection, blood pressure abnormalities, and low blood sugar are just a few of the many possibilities. For this reason, it is important to consult a physician for diagnosis.

One cause of chronic fatigue is associated with several known viruses. Chronic fatigue of viral origin is now known as Chronic Viral Fatigue Syndrome (CVFS). Symptoms include recurrent sore throats, low grade fever, headache, lymph node enlargement, muscle and joint aches, intestinal discomfort, mood disorder and lack of concentration. The following recommendations apply to chronic fatigue of viral origin:


  • Do not smoke. Smoking suppresses the immune system.
  • Avoid simple sugars, alcohol, caffeine and food allergens. Eat "Super Foods" plentifully, especially garlic.
  • Exercise. Moderate exercise stimulates immune function.
  • Practice stress reduction techniques. Excess stress response lowers immune function and makes a person more susceptible to viral infection.


  • Maxi Multi: 3 caps, 3 times per day with meals. This daily "multiple" contains high potency antioxidants. Optimal (not minimal) doses of vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin C, zinc, selenium, magnesium & B complex vitamins are particularly important.
  • Dr. Myatt’s Immune Boost: 1/2 - 1 tsp., 2-3 times per day between meals.
  • Immune Support: 2 caps, 2-3 times per day between meals.
  • Co Q10 (50mg): 1 capsule, 2-3 times per day with meals. (Target dose: 100-200mg per day).
  • St. John's Wort (Hypericum) (300mg): 1 cap, 3 times per day between meals. (Target dose: 900mg per day) Although best know for it's mood effects, hypericum is also a potent anti-viral agent.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT (Use any or all of the following)

Digestion, liver, large intestine (colon), and immune system are likely imbalanced organ systems that should be looked at. Be sure to take the "Lifestyle" questionnaire, found on page 2 of the Holistic Health Handbook. Imbalances in diet and insufficient exercise contribute to lowered immune function.

It is important to consult a physician for diagnosis of chronic fatigue. Do NOT assume that your fatigue is due to a virus until other causes have been eliminated. These "other causes" include thyroid imbalance, sex hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiency, blood sugar problems (too high or too low), blood pressure abnormalities, emotional stress, over or under exercise, or lack of sleep to name just a few.



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This 140 page health manual covers 70 diseases and alternative medicine treatment options, including the latest scientific information on vitamins, herbs, diet, nutrition and exercise. Also included are descriptions of many of the products available in our alternative medicines pharmacy.

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