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Diabetes (Adult Type II)

Natural Support To Prevent And Reverse This Condition

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition of abnormally high blood sugar (above 126mg/dl) on two separate occasions. Type I diabetes is caused by a destruction of pancreatic cells that produce insulin. It is a more serious condition, and more difficult to control, than type II. Type II diabetes is related to Western diet and lifestyle and can almost always be controlled by diet and lifestyle changes alone.

Uncontrolled diabetes (blood sugars that continue to go above the normal 120mg/dl) result in a four-fold increased risk of atherosclerotic heart disease and a five-fold increased risk of stroke. Diabetes also increases the risk of nerve damage leading to eye disease, peripheral neuropathy (nerve disorder), increased risk of infection, and compromised circulation sometimes resulting in gangrene.

Diet And Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Diet: work with an alternative medicine physician to discover optimal diet. High carbohydrate diets are often prescribed for diabetics, but low carbohydrate diets (The Super Fast Diet) work much better for most type II diabetics. Diet alone will often cure diabetes.
  • Maintain a normal weight. Overweight makes the body resistant to its own insulin.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise improves the body’s response to insulin, decreases blood sugar levels, normalizes weight and improves circulation.
  • Drink 64 ounces of pure water daily.

Primary Support

  • Maxi Multi: 3 caps, 3 times per day with meals. Optimal (not minimal) doses of antioxidants (ACES), B complex vitamins, magnesium, chromium, vanadium and bioflavonoids are particularly important in correcting diabetes and preventing the damage that diabetes causes.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids:
    Flax seed meal, 2 teaspoons per day with food
    Flax seed oil capsules: 2-4 caps, 3 times per day (target dose range: 6-12 caps per day)
    Flax seed oil: 1 tablespoon per day
    MaxiMarine O3 (Omega-3 rich fish oil): 1 cap, 2 times per day with meals
  • Maxi Greens (Advanced Phytonutrient Formula): 3 caps, 3 times per day with meals. Bilberry, grape seed extract and ginkgo are particularly important.
  • CoQ10 (50-100mg): 1 cap, 2-3 times per day with meals (target dose range: 150-400mg per day).
  • Fiber Complex: 1 tbsp., 3 to 4 times per day OR Fiber Formula: 6-12 caps per day.
  • Berberine (200mg): I cap, 3 timesper day with meals.

Additional Support

With High Cholesterol:

  • Red Yeast Rice: 2 caps, 2 times per day with meals. (Target Dose 2000 mg per day)

With Neuopathy (nerve pain):

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: 500-1,000 mg, 2-3 times per day with meals. (Target dose range: 1,000- 2,000mg per day).

Dr. Myatt's Comment

Diabetes leads to serious health complications. All of the problems associated with aging—-impaired circulation, decreases of hearing and eyesight, and heart disease are accelerated in uncontrolled diabetes. Fortunately, Type II diabetes is almost always controllable through diet, lifestyle, and corrective nutrients and herbs. Insulin is sometimes but rarely necessary (in instances of Type 1.5 diabetes) and may be preferable to other glucose-lowering drugs. It is important to keep blood sugar levels within a normal range, thus avoiding the multiple health risks and premature aging that diabetes causes.

I find that well over 90% of Type II diabetic patients can achieve normal-range glucose control by following The Super Fast Diet and the above-listed primary support measures. If blood sugars are not dramatically improved (and often completely corrected!) after three months on this program, consult with an alternative medicine physician who can help you find the best diet and supplement program. I am available for consultation by telephone and I have an excellent success rate with type II diabetic patients.


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