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Phosphatidyl Serine

Improve Brain-Cell Communication

Phosphatidyl SerinePhosphatidyl serine (PS), the major phospholipid in the brain, is responsible for normal membrane fluidity and integrity of brain cells. The functions of Phosphatidyl serine allow brain cells to communicate efficiently with each other.

The body manufactures Phosphatidyl serine. Lowered levels of Phosphatidyl serine are seen in aging in association with impaired mental function and depression in the elderly. Supplemental sources of Phosphatidyl serine include fish, green leafy vegetables, soybeans and rice.

Eleven double-blind studies have verified the effectiveness of Phosphatidyl serine, with significant improvements seen in:

  • mental performance
  • behavior
  • mood
  • age-related cognitive decline

Phosphatidyl serine has also been shown to lower elevated ACTH and cortisol levels and may therefore be effective in cases of excess adrenal function.

Suggested dose: 1 cap (100 mg PS), 3 times per day. In clinical studies, doses of 200 to 800 mg in divided doses are typically used.

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