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Varicose Veins

Natural Support For This Unsightly Condition

Varicose veins occur when blood pools in veins, usually those of the leg. This causes an enlargement of the vein with a blue, "lumpy" appearance. Fluid may leak from veins into surrounding tissue, making legs ache and feel tired. In severe cases, blood clots form on the vessel walls (a condition called phlebitis). Surrounding skin may break down and ulcerate. It is also possible to have a blood clot dislodge and travel to the lungs or elsewhere, causing severe complications. (This is not common, but it does happen).

Weakness of the blood vessels, often due to nutritional deficiencies, predisposes to varicose veins. Standing for long periods of time causes blood to "pool" in the legs. Overweight and inactivity aggravate the condition.

Surgery can be used to correct this condition, but it can reoccur even with surgical treatment. Natural treatments do not entirely correct the problem, but they can certainly prevent it from getting worse. For more advances cases of phlebitis and skin ulceration, natural therapies are usually superior to conventional treatment for correction and management.

Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Do not stand for long periods of time. If you must stand, take a break periodically and walk. Walking "massages" the leg muscles and moves blood back to the heart, preventing it from pooling in the veins.
  • Eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables. Bioflavonoids found in these foods are necessary for strong blood vessels.
  • Achieve and maintain a normal body weight.
  • Exercise regularly to improve general circulation. Walking, running, and cycling are the best for varicose veins because they use the leg muscles.
  • Support stockings help prevent blood from pooling.
  • Avoid constipation.

Primary Support

  • Maxi Multi: 3 caps, 3 times per day with meals. Optimal (not minimal) doses of antioxidants (A,C,E,beta carotene, selenium), and bioflavonoids are especially important in aiding varicose veins and strengthening blood vessels.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids:
    Flax seed meal, 2 teaspoons per day with food
    Flax seed capsules: 2-4 caps, 3 times per day (target dose range: 6-12 caps per day)
    Flax seed oil: 1 tablespoon per day
    Max EPA (Omega-3 rich fish oil): 1-2 caps, 3 times per day with meals (target dose: 3-6 caps per day).
  • Maxi Greens: 3 caps, 3 times per day with meals. Maxi Greens contains a spectrum of herbs know to maintain normal blood viscosity and strengthen blood vessels (grape seed, ginkgo, bilberry, green tea).

Additional Support

For phlebitis:

  • Bromelain: 2 caps, 3 times per day between meals.
  • Grape Seed Extract: 1 cap, 3 times per day with meals. [Target dose: 150-300mg per day].
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